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It 'strictly forbidden to copy the contents and photos on every page of the site. Any violation will be prosecuted according to law.

Registration to the site

The user who registers for the site accepts the terms of use. Registration is required to make purchases and to access all restricted to users of the site. It also involves the insertion of the e-mail address in 'email list and CONFIDENTIAL PERSONAL BIO Site La Casetta. These emails will never be disclosed to third parties. The use is only inside the company La Casetta for personal sales transactions and / or marketing. At any time the user has the right to require its outright cancellation of all its data using the 'Contact' and communicating its intentions.

Minimum order

The store has a minimum order set at 15.00 euros, the lower orders can not be concluded.

Privacy and personal data

This shop respects your privacy and protection of personal data provided to us in full compliance with applicable standards (legislative decree 196/2003 Privacy Code).The information required on this business collects about you at the time of purchase include:Name, Address, Email address, tax number or VAT number, telephone.You can contact us by e-mail to check your information in our possession is accurate. If you encounter any inaccuracies or errors, the staff will immediately correct them. Personal data will be stored and processed on this e-commerce with the confidentiality required by policy and the law cited above. Your information will only be used for regular operation of the sales tax at this store including communications relating to the products and prices. In no case will be disclosed to third parties.

Right of withdrawal

In the event that did not have to be satisfied with the products purchased, you will have the right to exercise the right to withdraw from part or all of the goods covered by the order, without penalty, pursuant to art. 5 D. Decree 185/99.The withdrawal does not apply to the types of products tailored or custom, or which by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate rapidly (perishable food). To withdraw from this will inform you no later than 10 working days of receipt of goods purchased. The notification must be made by e-mail, be confirmed within 48 hours by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to the sender of the shipment and you must specify the products purchased, the relative order ID and your desire to cancel the purchase. We will respond via e-mail and send you within 10 working days (postmark date on the e-mail from us), the products you wish to return.WARNING: Failure to observe all the above rules will void pursuant to Art. 5 D. Decree 185/99 the right of withdrawal. The shipment of returned products can be made in any medium of your choice. Shipping charges are your responsibility. Once we receive the products covered by the withdrawal will promptly, and within 30 working days from receipt of products, to send the material you want to replace or refund the amount paid for the purchase of products. Return shipping and transportation for any replacement items is always at your expense.WARNING: This right can be exercised only if the goods are perfectly integrated in its entirety and not used. Therefore, the packages returned must not cause damage to the casing. Not liable for any damages of the product occurred during the return shipment of the same. If we receive return items damaged or tampered with, we will not refund the amount paid for the purchase of products.

State orders

All your order pass through 5 states:

Created: order status has just made by the customer.

Paid: is the order when payment was actually received.

Confirmed: You state that the order is given after the final confirmation of product availability. NO you can not change.

Ships In: is the order when the package has been prepared and is awaiting delivery to the carrier.

Sent: is the order after its effective delivery, the order is almost complete.

Then there is the order that, for some reason, not been successful and then call canceled or refunded.   

Payment, Shipping and Transport

With regard to payment and delivery of products purchased read "Payment and shipping."

Online dispute resolution for consumers

The consumer residing in Europe must be aware of the fact that the European Commission has set up an online platform that provides an alternative dispute resolution tool. This tool can be used by the European consumer to resolve by non-judicial any dispute relating to and / or arising from contracts of sale of goods and services entered into the network. Therefore, if you are a European consumer, you can use this platform for the resolution of any dispute rising from the online contract with the owner. The platform is available at the following link (