The points system Casetta is a points collection program open to all users regularly registered in the site. With this program, users will receive points after making specific operations at the site.

Currently the rules to obtain the points are:

- For every purchase of finished products will be regularly assigned 1 (one) point for every 1 (one) euro you spend.

- For each submission of a friend who completed the registration process at the site, the user will be assigned to host 5 (five) points

- Any registered user as a welcome to the site, will be awarded 1 (one) point. Upon reaching the quota of 110 (one hundred ten) points you will receive a discount of EUR 10 (ten) to be used within 30 days, to purchase products online shop in La Casetta Bio.


Changes from 18/05/2013:

The points assigned will be aggregated and, to achieve 100 points, the system will automatically apply a discount on the next order (order no less than 20 Euros). The discount will have the value of Euro 0.05 for each point accumulated, so 100 points = 5 Euro. The unused points will remain on credit.

-It will be awarded a bonus of 5 points for users who will load your avatar. The avatar will be displayed in the comments left.


This regulation is not permanent and may be changed from La Casetta at any time by notifying users of this page and / or through a simple e-mail.


After you login, on the user menu at right of the screen, appears the "User Profile points." From there you access to the control panel for the system user's personal points Casetta. To introduce a friend you must copy the appropriate link staff present in the control panel. Then send the link around to friends and ask them to register in the site by clicking on it.

WARNING: if your friend joins the site after changing page the system will not recognize more than a friend and no points will be awarded. So, warn your friends who want to see first if the site can do that easily but at the time of registration must strictly use your link does not change until the full registration page.