Peperocini piccanti

The organic hot peppers

from farm to fork

The special position of the company offers a suitable climate for the cultivations of warm climates. This micro-climate is present to "La Casetta"  and, with heated greenhouses, it allows the cultivation of several varieties of chili, even those that are suffering in the cold.
The maturation with a warm climate allows us to get the best organoleptic characteristics specific to each species.
The hotness of chillies is due to a substance called capsaicin. This substance is contained mainly in the placenta about 90%, 4% in the seeds and the remaining 6% in other parts of the berry.
A pharmacist, Dr. Wilbur Scoville, invented a way to measure the degree of hotness of chili peppers, called SHU (Scoville Units Hot).
Many varieties are tested each year to "La Casetta" and then they are selected and chosen between those more characteristic for the level of pungency, flavor, aroma and color. Are currently in cultivation the following types: 
1.463.000 SHU  Chilli Trinidad Scorpion Butch T  
1.041.000 SHU Chilli Bhut Jolokia ghost chili 
960.000 SHU  Chilli Dorset Naga
280.000 SHU   Chilli Hot Lemon
100.000 SHU Chilli Cayenna
1.000 SHU  Chilli Pasilla Bajio
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