Farine e cereali La Casetta Bio

 Organic wheat and chickpeas flours from Italy


 After the grinding stone the wheat flour type 2 (semi-whole) is sifted removing the some bran . This procedure makes the flour finer and with a low content of bran.farine insieme

The stone grinding enriched the flour with the precious oil wheat germ and excellent features.

The type 0 (all purpose) flour is sieved completely removing all the bran. This process makes the flour finest and white.

The chickpea flour is obtained by grinding dried chickpeas. It is a food rich in vegetable protein, calcium, iron and phosphorus. No shortage of vitamins C and B.
It 's suitable for gruel, porridge, Panisse, pancakes, fritters, batters for frying and as a substitute for egg in omelets. The chickpeas flour of "La Casetta" has a grind not too fine, it is full, and very tasty.