pasilla bajioPasilla Bajo
The Pasilla Bajio peppers, also called Chile Negro and Chilaca, belongs to the species Capsicum annuum. The origin is Mexican, and dates back to early 1900.

The name "Pasilla" means "raisins" and comes from the color and taste of chili.

It is usually called Chilacawhen fresh and  Pasilla when dry. It is a variety very strong and it is characterized by beautiful moderately spicy fruit, which can reach up to 20/23 cm in length and when it is mature take on an intense black color from the beautiful nuances.

It has flesh thin and slightly watery. It is delicious both fresh and dried. The aroma is very special and complex seems to remember the dried fruits, licorice, dark chocolate and some even smell of smoke.

The dried Pasilla fruits are the basis for the preparation of many Mexican sauces called "mole" including the "mole negro" and "mole poblano".

The degree of hotness can oscillate between 200 and 1,500 degrees Scoville
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