Saragolla organic wholemeal SPAGHETTI

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Semola di grano duro integrale Saragolla turchesco
g. 500
Conservare in luogo fresco, asciutto e al riparo dai raggi solari
energia: 332 kcal 1387 kj
◦grassi: 0,5 g (di cui saturi 0,09 g)
◦carboidrati: 68,38 g (di cui zuccheri 3,1 g)
◦proteine: 13,42 g
◦sale: 27 mg

Linguine of wholemeal organic Saragolla Turchesco pasta dried at low temperature - product of Italy

This italian wholemeal pasta is a simple product obtained by mixing only and simply durum wheat Saragolla Turchesco with water. The Saragolla is an ancient grain and belongs to the family of Khorasan who have a lower gluten content than the pasta produced by the food industry. For this reason the pasta is well digested by those who have problems of intolerance or sensitivity to common modern grains rich in gluten. Cause to its low gluten content, this pasta is less elastic than the common industrial dough, then, to avoid it breaks, it should be mixed gently. Also, to prevent the overcooking, it must be removed from the water as soon as it has reached the desired cooking point.

It is an organic whole wheat pasta of excellence. Thank to its bronze extrusion, that makes it particularly rough, this pasta retains the flavor of the seasonings in an optimal manner. It is reccomending to use it in high quality catering.

The strong point is its flavor, once tasted it you can not live without!

500 g package, wholemeal Saragolla turchesco

Certifyed organic agriculture

Cooking time 8/9 minutes

Product of Italy


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