Tonidoro tomatoes in olive oil for sale

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pomodori, olio extravergine di oliva, erbe aromatiche, peperoncino piccante, aglio rosso, sale, acidificante acido citrico
150g - di cui pomodori semisecchi 100g.
Conservare in luogo fresco, asciutto e al riparo dai raggi solari
Italia - Massignano AP
Sì, BioAgriCert
-Energia 389 Kcal 1628 Kj
-Grassi 36 g di cui saturi 5 g
-Carboidrati 11 g di cui zuccheri 10g
-Proteine 3 g
-Sale 1,4 g

TONIDORO Italian hybrid half dryed tomatoes seasoned in extravirgin olives oil

Tonidoro are hybrid tomatoes created precisely in La Casetta crossing two varieties suitable for storage and drying to obtain all the positive qualities of both. These tomatoes were partially dried in a stream of air at about 35 ° C, without salt and without exposure to the sun, which means no external contamination such as dust and microorganisms. Then they are seasoned with herbs, salt, chilli pepper and garlic, put in the jars and filled with quality extra virgin olive oil. At the end there is the phase of the sterilization.

diavoletto-segnalatore-2Very tasty, slightly spicy is a delicious dish for an invaluable appetizerand much appreciated by all the guests. The oil can be used to season excellent spaghetti.

Certified organic.

Jar of 150 grams with 100 grams of tomatoes

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