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Solidres booking system reminder Joomla! 3.x

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9,90 € each



Automatic E-mail reminder for Solidres hotel booking system

version 1.0 - Joomla 3.x - module - Php 7.1

This plug-in fits for Solidres hotel booking system and alowes you to enable 2 type of automatic e-mail reminds.

The first is a welcome reminder and it is send x days from check-in. It include the booking information and a Google maps link to find the asset.

The second one is a payment reminder. After x days it sends an email to the customer that have an unpaid bookig . It provides to delete the booking after x days if it still unpaid.

This plug-in supports a multi languages system so you can chouse the admin email language in the plugin settings, while the customer language email is set automatically from the Nation of the customer get from booking information.
All the email text are configurable via language file. So in the emails you can write what you like. Obviously, we give you a standard text.

To have this plug-in working you need to set a cronjob. If you have not a cron job this plug-in does not work.
You must be pratical with ftp, because, after installation, you have to move a file before enable the plug-in.

This plug-in is a production by Antonio Germani that has no affiliation with The name Solidres is used with a limited license granted by Open Source only to indicate that this plug-in works on Solidres - Online Booking System & Reservation Software is completely unrelated to the operation of this plug-in

Please, take a bit of time to read the documentation page.

After the payment, to download the plug-in go to User menu and click on Your Order made. On your order you'll find the link to dowload. The download time is 90 days, during which you can download any updates.

Immediate download, after payment. No shipping. (During the check-out, you don't need to consider deliveries information, they are used only if you buy a physical product)

Please, for any information or help contact me!

Please, read the instruction: DOCUMENTATION

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