Lucifer diabolically spicy sauce for sale

Lucifero diabolicamente piccante
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Lucifero diabolicamente piccanteLucifero salsa diabolica
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Peperoncini piccanti (B. jolokia, T. Moruga scorpion, Trinidad scorpion B.T. 80%), olio extravergine di oliva, sale marino, acidificante acido citrico.
25 g.
Conservare in luogo fresco, asciutto e al riparo dai raggi solari
Italia - Massignano AP
Sì, BioAgriCert
-Energia 193 Kcal 807 Kj
-Grassi 19 g di cui saturi 2.8 g
-Carboidrati 3 g di cui zuccheri 1.2 g
-Proteine 1.4 g
-Sale 1 g

Lucifer - Italian organic diabolically hot sauce

Made by 100% Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor, Bhut Jolokia and Moruga Scorpion hot chilli peppers. They are the hottest chilli peppers in the world.

For the survivors of the sauce Nightmare, from the underworld, came this sauce. It will be your access key where Lucifer will welcome you in a "hot" fiery embrace ... Welcome to Hell! Dopo lincubo lucifero THUMB

Look at the video presentation 2 minutes and 30.

Made with only the hottest peppers in the world, represents the maximum obtainable with a spicy sauce made ​​with natural ingredients. The immortals who want even more are destined to capsaicin chemical, but this one are not allowed for the organic agriculture! With a bright red and orange hues it presents hints of spice, tropical fruit. Because of its extreme level of spicy it will be difficult to use by ordinary mortals, so you should purchase only if you have highly trained and experienced palates.diavoletto segnalatore 1150

CAUTION: Handle with extreme attention, irritant to skin and mucous membranes. Do not leave the children. Not suitable for people with heart or breathing problems.

Jar g. 25

Organic agriculture certificated

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