Black Chickpeas for sales g 500

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Può contenere tracce di grano
500 g.
Conservare in luogo fresco, asciutto e al riparo dai raggi solari
Italia - Massignano AP
Sì, BioAgriCert
-Energia 367 Kcal 1550 Kj
-Grassi 5.8 g di cui saturi 0.7 g
-Carboidrati 58 g di cui zuccheri 4.6 g
-Proteine 19.8 g
-Sale (sodio naturalmente presente) 6 mg

Italian Organic black chickpeas g. 500

Blacks Chickpeas , variety of Murge. The dimensions are larger than the common black chickpeas. A particular variety of chickpeas, in addition to the color and size, even for the flavor. He has an intense and velvety flavor, reminiscent of the chestnut. High protein and nutrients these chickpeas have black skin, while the inside is white-yellow. They are an excellent source of folic acid and potassium, magnesium and phosphorus-rich iron. These legumes are the most versatile, you need as a starter, used to prepare delicious soups and as an accompaniment to many dishes. Delicious cold in salads or pureed. Certified Organic. Pack of 0.5 Kg

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