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Webcam viewer slideshow for Joomla! 3.x

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Webcam viewer with slideshow

version 1.5 - Joomla 3.x - responsive module - Php 7.0 and above

A module to put online the images of a webcam, expecially af a weather webcam. It shows only the .jpg images that a webcam upload on your server. All the pictures are responsive and fit with smartphone and tablet.
-Some webcams upload only one image every x minutes and the image has always the same name. This module fits for this! It shows the new image every time you load the browser page.
-Some webcams upload images with different name always on the same folder. This module fits for this! It get and shows the last x images that are on the folder.
-Some webcams upload images on a daily folder; every day a new folder. This module fits for this! It chouses the last folder uploaded and then comes in it, if there is another folder it comes in it again and then it gets and shows the last x images that there are.
-Some webcams don't show the day and the time os the image. This module fits for this! It adds a caption with the day and the time of the image.

-Some forecast site needs to download a webcam image always with the same name and the same url, but your webcam changes the images name and the daily folder url. Here there is a script that searches the latest image of your webcam and saves it always with the same name and the same url. To do this you need a cron job.

And, if you need to see more than one webcam on the same page at the same time there is a way to do this too.
Finally a perfect and simply way to put on line your webcam!

The modules is plenty of settings and mode to show your images.

It is fully responsive and it fits very well in smartphone or tablet.

Please, take a bit of time to see the demo page and to read the documentation page.

The download time is 90 days, during which you can also download any updates and received support.

Immediate download, after payment. No shipping. (During the check-out, you don't need to consider delivery informations, they are used only if you buy a physical product)

Please, for any information or help contact me!

if you need an invoice, please, contact me before you buy.

Please, read the instruction: DOCUMENTATION

If you want to see this module working on our site, please, DEMO

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