Integration between Hikashop and Danea Easyfatt

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Hikashop Easyfatt


Download orders from Hikashop to Danea Easyfatt

version 1.0

Integration file that allows you to download orders from Hikashop to Danea easyfatt.

This integration will avoid to manually enter the orders received online by Hikashop.It has been tested, and has no errors, on the Hikashop 2.6.4 and Danea easyfatt 2016.34b versions with PHP 7.0. It should not give problems even on the higher versions.

This purchase does not provide help or assistance for the installation. In the ZIP folder that you will download after the purchase there is the file extension .php and a pdf document with the basic instructions.The manual is only in italian language

Basic knowledge of FTP is required for installation. You must also have access to the database of your Joomla! Site. it is necessary that the Hikashop product codes are identical to the Danea Easyfatt product codes.

To download the zip folder,  will be sent the link by the order payment notification email. It is also possible to download it from the user area of ​​the site by clicking on "Your orders made" and then opening the order.The download time is 90 days, during which you can also download any updates.

Please, for any information or help contact me!

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