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Goat's weed
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Goat's weedBustina semi goat's weed
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Italia - Massignano AP

Italian Goat 's weed Acrata chilli pepper seeds

The hot pepper Goat 's Weed is also called Acrata or Black cobra and belongs to the species of Capsicum annuum but differs from most of them because it has the stem and leaves covered with silvery hairs.

The degree of hot is much discussed and we estimate it at 100,000 Scoville degrees when fully ripe.

The plants, about 120 centimeters tall, are very productive and they produce berries that are initially green but immediately they start  to become darker, reaching an all black color. After several weeks, they are colored red. The plants resit to colder temperatures than many other chilies.

Vacuum bag with 10 seeds.

 guide for the sowing of chillies

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