The organic agriculture

The organic "La Casetta"


The traditional farming, called intensive, depends completely on the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. These substances are essential for the production of high quantities, but often of low Tony e Girolomoniquality. The abuse of these synthetic products contributes to the problems of environmental pollution, water and health of consumers.

Organic farming means to cultivate the ground enhancing the natural capacity of the soil, without the use of chemicals at any stage of the cycle. This type of agriculture does not harm the eco-environmental balance, and offers the consumer a healthy agricultural and free of harmful residues.

Each organic farm must comply with European laws and regulations and submit to periodic checks, sometimes surprise checks, made by certification authority chosen by the company and other organizations authorized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. For example, the farm "La Casetta" is chosen as the certifying authority Bioagricert


In addition there is organic and organic! Unfortunately it is so. Organic foods are not always of high quality. In fact, if the organic farmer has as objective the achievement of very competitive prices, probably he will begin selling an inferior product, even if certified organic. For example, the consumer will not know that the chicken, he bought,  lived only 81 days (minimum required by the Organic Regulation),  living just 27 outdoor (i.e. 1/3 of its global existence, much lower limit allowed by organic rules)! In fact, the label that certifies the organic product will be present on the chicken described above  and on the chicken bred at "La Casetta".


 However, the chicken bred at "La Casetta" will certainly have lived at least 140 days of which about 100 scratching outdoors. These are just two examples of how an organic farmer can interpret his work: the quality of meat in the bowl of a demanding consumer will demonstrate the difference.

The consumer, to make sure that the product is truly organic, must check that on the label there is the Logo CEE bioword "organic", the required symbol EEC a stars green leaf and an indication of the code of the certifying . Beware of products without this brand!