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Antonio Germani's La Casetta organic farm

Company entirely certified by organic farming with production and sale of hot peppers and hot sauces, extra virgin olive oil, legumes, soft wheat flour and chickpeas.

All bio products are grown in La Casetta and production takes place in our laboratory authorized by ASUR ZT13 according to the rules of our HACCP manual.

The production, with the best organic farming techniques, ranges from the hottest organic peppers in the world, native variety olive trees, particular vegetables, wheat, black chickpeas from the Karst Murgia and the prehistoric Tepary beans.  All the organic production is then put on sale, also online, in the form of sauces and hot peppers, extra virgin olive oil, chickpeas and Tepary beans, stone-ground soft wheat flour and more.

Direct sale from producer to consumer
Antonio Germani's La Casetta organic farm, Massignano AP

I don't think organic farming will save the world, but I practice it so as not to be on the side of those who destroy the world!

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Gradual discounts on transport costs proportional to the expense

Secure payments in https and SSL certificate

Credit Cards, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

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We "pamper" customers until they are completely satisfied.

La Casetta bio